Top Ten Searches Which Find our Blog!

Inspired by a post I saw on another blog site recently, I did a search on the top terms used that lead people to our website.

Signpost in Pecos

Signpost in Pecos (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It’s not the only town that claims to be home of the first rodeo.

Our top posts are ones that were featured on Freshly Pressed, but we get a lot of page views from certain topics posted on reddit.

Without further ado:

1) crappy places (also – crappy places to visit, crappy towns)

We get the views because of an irregular feature where I write about little towns and places that I sometimes travel, mostly via business travel. These are generally small, dying towns that seem to have given up hope. You know, crappy. I don’t comment on the people, by the way. I’m not sure how to show this on my VC “blog author who spends the night in one-horse towns and comments on the both lack of civic pride and street sweeping equipment”

I’m not the only one who does this, by the way.

2) pecos texas (also – what to do in pecos texas, jobs in pecos texas, what’s it like to live in pecos, oil field peco, and geek goodess pecos texas)

Ah, what notoriety. More than two years ago, I wrote a post about Pecos, under the aforementioned “Crappy Places to Be From” feature. During the same time period, I wrote about three towns in that area, but for some reason, the one about Pecos was reposted somewhere, and we started getting hundreds of views. And comments. And death threats. Seriously, people were very riled up that I commented on the sad state of this little town, lack of amenities, and apparent shortage of house paint. They’ve been adamant that it was a GREAT town to grow up in, 20 and 40 years ago! And that I better not show my face.  Every six months or so, we get a few more hundred views. More people have viewed that post than LIVE in the county! Thank you!  Kitty wrote  follow-up pieces “Pecos Texas needs a Valium BADLY” and “Places I would rather live than Pecos” which also get noticed.  Indeed, we are rather high on Google page ranks for Pecos. The Streisand effect! I am SO PROUD.

3) Modigliani (Also, Amedeo Modigliani)

Colette's tomb in Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Colette’s tomb in Père Lachaise Cemetery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kitty wrote a post about the Père Lachaise Cemetery cemetery in Paris, including the gravesite of Amedeo Modigliani. She’s trained in fine art and know all about this highbrow stuff, and has an interesting tell about this artist, and Proust.

4) Airplane porn

Cirrus four seater. The plane has its own parachute.

I suspect most people who enter this into their search box are looking for something a bit different than how we tagged our post. No, we have no pictures of naked sex inside airplanes. Sorry.  We instead have some pieces about airplanes, including one of our more popular posts “Wings ‘n Things – A Passenger’s Guide to General Aviation” and a collection of pictures from the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston. Again, sorry. But welcome to our site!

5) naked selfies (Also, married women selfies, normal selfies, male selfies, why do women takes selfies, selfie porn…I could go on but you get the idea)  

I blame this on Kitty, as well.  She told the story of her husband’s co-worker, out in the dating pool for the first time in several decades, who was astounded by the freedom with which women sent him unsolicited naked pictures, often after only one date. We don’t post naked selfies. In fact, I don’t think many people would want to SEE naked selfies of most of the contributors to this blog.

We are NOT accepting photos. TYVM

6) Kindness

Yes, we are all very kind. Thank you for noticing. Plus, Library Lady wrote about how kindness seems to have vanished in our civil discourse, here.

7) Chaco Canyon

One of our early posts, describing a short visit I made to the national monument at Chaco while working outside of the Four Corners area. I had just finished reading Jared Diamond’s book Collapse, so it dovetailed nicely. I suppose travelers and tourists are searching for directions, or wondering while the Anasazi died out.

Chaco Canyon. Image from Wikipedia.

Diamond’s book is a great read, by the way.

8) Chocolate brands (chocolate smell, European chocolate, etc)

World traveler Kitty likes to brag about the Swiss chocolate she has known, and asks why, o why! is there no smell-o-vision for this basic food group. Because chocolate porn, too. 

Come to think of it, almost anything to do with naked comes from Kitty’s posts. It’s her Bohemian artist youth, probably.

9) Papua New Guinea (visiting, working in, naked girls in…)

For world traveling, none of my friends can compare to fellow contributor omillet, who is currently living and working in PNG and is our go-to expert for everything regarding vacation, Sing-Sings, and eating Betelnut. He’s also lived in Kabul and other scary places. Check out his great photos. And no, PNG isn’t on my bucket list. I’ll let Oke dodge bullets, wild critters, and wads of betelnut on the sidewalk. So I don’t have to.


Video by omillet


10) twisted balls ( twisting rapist balls, stopping rapist twisting balls)

A few months ago, Kitty wrote a thoughtful piece about how women were taught to fend off rapists, back when we were school girls, after the moon landing but before the Beatles broke up. Most of that information is wrong, and I hope that women and men who visited that site learned something.


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  1. this was fun. But I wonder if I will ever check the stats and NOT see “Pecos” among the most visited articles. It’s a fun article in my opinion. I also want us to visit Pecos just to take photographs to prove we sneaked in.

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