Pecos Texas needs a Valium badly….

No one lives in a perfect town, right now I’m looking at loads of snow.  Texas though has had an unusually cold winter, so I can’t even say Pecos has it over small town New England winter life this year.

So, to help calm the good citizens of Pecos, I bring you a lol cat photograph.  The cat has a heart on her leg.


If that doesn’t work, how about the beautiful jellies from the Boston Aquarium.  

Very calming.


…and remember soon Texas is going to be a liberal state because of the wonderful low real estate prices, great job market, and moderate climate to say nothing of the excellent food.  Heck, even pot is being decriminalized which means even more chill options for Pecos.  


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2 replies

  1. Moxie is beautiful. Also, I snorted coffee onto my iPad!


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