A Happy Police Story, or We Love the Moon

This is a FB update from a good friend Randy.  I thought I would share it, as there are so many negative stories about the law enforcement officers out there.  Here is one slightly surreal one from Colorado.

randy moon one

“So, I’m on my way home from Pueblo, on I25, and a cop pulls me over. As I sat there I saw the moon rise over the horizon so I get out my camera and start snapping. The cop comes back and says, “Whatcha doin?” and I showed him some of my pics. I said, “We are but specks in the great cosmic storm that is our universe.” He looked down and started tearing up. “Damn,” he said, “I’m going to write myself a ticket for even disturbing you.” Then he went back to his car and headed back into traffic.”

Randy moon four

These photographs are deserving of getting out of a ticket!

Randy moon three

Randy moon two

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1 reply

  1. I agree. amazing pictures.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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