Places I would rather live than PECOS TEXAS

My co-blogger Geek Goddess (not Greek Goddess) posted a long time ago about Pecos, Texas.

Recently the people of Pecos discovered this blog, and were “our town is lovely!”  and “how dare you!” and “you don’t like hispanics” (their small h, not mine!)

I decided I would respond with this post on


1. HELL (as in Hell Iceland)  it has a pretty volcano that can kill you, but at least the scenery is beautiful


deadly but pretty!

2. Black Hole of Calcutta (I enjoy Indian food, and a dungeon would probably be very cool.  Plus the building is probably historic)



3. Thompson Canada (My good friend Christ lives there and they have polar bears and wolves.)


they have a WOLF on a building,
bet Pecos doesn’t have that!

4.Odessa Texas (hometown to Geek Goddess, and if I lived there I would push a baby carriage around at all times)


Even this is better than Pecos.

5.Amityville, New York (the haunting was made up, and you can probably get a good deal on a reputably haunted home.  True, a family was killed there, but it wasn’t ghosts!)


“haunted” or “affordable”?

6. Fertile or Climax, Minnesota (because people would laugh when you told them where you lived.  Plus, where else can you get the headline “Fertile Woman Dies in Climax”?)


Some men need directions like this….

7. Intercourse, Pennsylvania (ditto)


…and who doesn’t LOVE intercourse!

8.Detroit, Michigan (why should it only be small towns on the list?  They have wonderful museums and a rich music tradition)


….because today isn’t so good, but tomorrow it will be better!

9.Alaska, Wisconsin (I’ve been there, it’s a lovely small town and the name would confuse people.  “Where do you live?” , “Alaska”.  I want people to think I’m a real survivor woman with a dog sled, without all the inconvenience of actually having to live in Alaska)  Also they have a haunted hotel!

10.Antrim, New Hampshire (where people oppose the new wind farm as the blades give people migraines, and “upset my dogs”) Note: See Kitty’s post “Hitler’s Wind Farms“)


Even the jackalopes like it better here….

I actually do live in one of the above places, any of which I would rather live in than Pecos, Texas.  (insert smiley face, because we all have a soft spot for our hometowns)

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6 replies

  1. You had me in stitches! I was laughing with my wife and nearly fell out of my wheelchair! LOL Oh, and by the way, I was born and raised in Pecos, Texas and proud of it! There’s nothing wrong with laughing at ourselves once in a while. I live in a small town in Utah near Salt Lake City and we make fun of our police department all the time. We know where to find them… They are behind every pizza store and Crispy Creme distributor drinking their coffee and eating their doughnuts, and pizza! LOL Keep up the great laughs! By the way, Pecos is more progressive than West Bountiful. They have at least one traffic light where we have none! LOL

  2. Love it!! But i bet y’all made alto of pecos people butt hurt!!! Lol

    • It seems to. Every few months, I get a spate of comments, which is weird for something I wrote over a year ago. I get almost no comments on any other of my ‘crappy places’ series. Goldsmith, Mentone, Weyburn SK…


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