More used bookstore fun finds!

My favorite used book store of all time is Homestead Books in Marlborough NH.  I’ve written about my finds there before.  I recently visited this book store heaven, and spent hours combing their book shelves for books that belonged on my own bookshelves.

A good used book store just doesn’t carry the latest books, Homestead has generations of books looking for their next reader.  This visit I was supposed to be focusing on buying used books for holiday gifts.  I ended up with gifts, but also with some books I consider works of art.

Books just aren’t made like they used to be.  Electronic books are a wonderful pleasure.  I enjoy being able to order a book for my kindle when it’s 2am and I have insomnia.  Travel is made much happier with an entire library that can be carried in your purse.


A simple children’s book, with a wonderful cover. Sadly people are cutting these books up to make “crafts”. This book will be left intact to enjoy life as both book and art simply as it is.

Still, at Homestead you can find that rare treasure, a well made hard back book.  I couldn’t resist a few.  Yes, I do buy books for how they look, and use them around my home for decorating.  I also read the books!  But afterward they do duty as decor.


Holiday fox gets a base made of my most recent purchases. The one book I bought simply for the title, since my own daughter now lives in South Africa.

I also had fun finding old vintage children’s books illustrations.  I purchased an old book in very poor shape.  I had the joy of scanning the old illustrations and hope to find some way to use these in a crafting project.


A total treasure, salvaged from a damaged book.

However, no visit to Homestead is complete without a few laughs.  I have to admit there is no doubt what Casinova was writing about in his multi volume autobiography.


I think Casinova himself would approve of this end cover art. I did resist the temptation to purchase this set.

Also the ever interesting use of the swastika before WWII.  This one was on a cover of a book by Rudyard Kipling.


Then there are the titles that alone almost make you buy the book.  This time I was on a budget, but I think I have to go back and purchase this soon.


Who hasn’t felt like the “Queen of Bedlam” at times?

Then before other titans of industry wrote their stories of success, there was this classic.  I resisted temptation, but only because I couldn’t think of just the right recipient for this gift.


I might have to get this to read myself.

If you are ever near Marlborough NH, and even if you aren’t, Homestead books is worth a visit.  The prices are incredibly low, unlike other used book stores, I can spend under $40 and walk away with 2 stuffed bags of books.  Supporting our used book stores is also very important.  While you can get many old books on kindle for a penny, you can’t find books that are crafted like works of art.  You can’t save beautiful illustrations, and also where else can  you find a copy of “Men and Rubber”?  I don’t know if future generations will have the treasure hunting fun that can only be found, and found at a bargain, only at a good local used book store.

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  1. One of the reasons I like ‘car boot sales’ so much is the used books. I love finding something I’ve never read before that looks well loved and even though I may not buy them it’s fantastic to see annuals from when I was young like the Eagle with Dan Dare and the Mekon. I’m happy going round for hours.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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