Best Reason for Gay Marriage? Gay Divorce.

I support gay divorce, one of the best reasons for gay marriage.

Yankee Skeptic

My neighbors are people stuck in a dead relationship black hole. They live a couple of houses down in a beautiful yellow house on lakefront property that is meticulously kept.  It is obviously the sort of home most people dream about owning.

At one time, this yellow home was a dream come true for the two people that still live there.  It has unfortunately turned from dream to nightmare.

My neighbors were at one time a couple.  They were in love, lived together, and saved every penny for their dream house.  One day they had saved enough and moved into the home.  It came with a mortgage and a lot of legal paperwork.

This is because my neighbors are gay.  At one time they were a happy couple, but this was long before Civil Unions or Marriage was legal in the state they live in.  Instead, gays that wanted to…

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