Nazi Canning and Sex with the Devil! Bookstore Finds!

I love Homestead Books in Marlborough New Hampshire for many reasons.  The price is right, being a used book store means I can get a whole bag of books for under $50.  Many used book stores have a “half full price” policy.  Homestead books has a terrific selection of books under $5.00.  I usually pay between $2.00 and $3.00 for a nice size paperback.


All the books, $40.

Homestead also has a huge selection.  I have bought countless gifts there.  I bought my step father “The Republican Cook Book” which had recipes from all the big name Republicans when Nixon was president.  Yes, there were recipes from both Nixon and Vice President Agnew.

Regional cookbooks are a great gift, but also books on sports, travel books from long ago for travelling friends, old astronomy books (which I have gifted to the wonderful Phil Plait), and gardening books from the 1920’s and 1930’s for my mother.  I also buy up copies of Richard Feynman’s books for $2.00 and $3.00 to give out as gifts to people that haven’t read them.

This week I stopped by just to see what was new.  As usual the shelves were filled and there were boxes and boxes of books waiting to be priced.  I always pick through the boxes waiting to be priced as I know the owner will price them for me at checkout.

I always first head over to the paranormal section.  I used to send really old books to the JREF library in Florida, now part of James Randi’s home.  My best find was a turn of the century palm reading book, with photographs of famous hands such as Mark Twain’s.


The paranormal section was pretty good this week!


SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH DEVILS! No wonder at $7.50 this was the most expensive book I bought!

This weeks visit I found in the paranormal section

*”Where Bigfoot Waks” by Robert Pyle

*”The New Fortune in your Hand” (I can learn Palmistry!)

*”The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology” by Rossell Hope Robbins (at $7.50 the most expensive book, also it’s full of cool illustrations!)

*”The Ghosts of Versailles” by Lucille Iremonger (this is a doozy, a book about the two “ladies for Oxford” that were transported back in time while visiting Versailles! I can’t wait to read this!  1957!)

Next was a book I bought only for the title.

*”A Texan in England” (no clue what it is about but my Anglophile Texas co blogger Naomi is getting it.)

Then we have the skeptic books-


My thought, what did people read about Darwin not so long ago. Also there was some story about Darwin telling a lie at school… I want to see if that was true!

I had a Darwin theme going on.

*”Darwin, Before and After” By Robert Clark (1950 book)

*”Charles Darwin” by Carla Greene (children’s book from the 1968 about Darwin)

*”The Young Charles Darwin” by Charlotte Hope (young adult book 1965)

Books for ME to just read for fun

*”Death at the Priory” by James Ruddick. (read the library book version and thought I’d like to reread again on a trip, at only $2.00 cheaper than Kindle)

*”The Oxford book of English Detective Stories” (more fun light reading)

Then a visit to the children’s section turned up some nice old books.  I tend to buy  children’s books for the illustrations that I like to scan and then use on cards or in a collage.

*”Round About” (1936 beginning reader with cute children and animals)

*”A Child’s Garden of Verses” ( someone did crayon drawings on some of the pages, so this book was free.  The pen and ink illustrations are priceless.  I’ll probably make some nice note cards from them)


Children’s poetry with beautiful illustrations. Who cares if a few pages are scribbled on?

*”Jolly Time Cookbook” (1934, this book is in excellent condition and the illustrations are delightful.  Even the recipes, meant for children, look like they will be delicious)


These kids are having a jolly time cooking!

…and last but not least, for $1.00

*”The Home Canners Year Book 1928″ (this was bought mainly as a gift for a friend that cans, and also for the Nazi canning rings advertisement)


At one time it really did just mean “good luck”!

When I  go to Homestead, and just start a pile on the desk where you check out.  There are usually several piles there, as this is just what customers do.  Then the owner adds it all up in his head, discounts a bit here and there, or throws in a book for free.  You then tote out at least one filled bag with books.  Two if it’s the holidays and you are shopping for gifts.

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