Vintage book covers

I have been purchasing a few old books from Homestead Books in Marlborough NH simply for the covers.  I was rather shocked that Pineterest and other sites have lots of crafting ideas that involved cutting up beautiful old books.  While I understand many of these books are falling apart from age, and acid in the paper, I still wanted to save a few.

These were picked to go live at the wee cabin.  If nothing else they are still a good read, and the feel and look of an old book is hard to replicate.  I don’t need to cut them up and make them into clocks, boxes or even as was suggested by one crafting site “a terrific place to hold your hair accessories!”.  They will look just fine sitting on a shelf or bedside table.


Who can resist a book cover of a woman reading a book?


perfect title for a place to get away….


This one just made me laugh. It’s priceless.


the cabin is in the mountains….this works


I’m looking forward to reading this one.


I rather like that girls long ago would read about ‘adventures”.

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  1. You have an image of an UNSIGNED Amy Sacker cover !!! “Laura . . . ” One that I was not aware of !!


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