House Rock, New Hampshire

I live in Antrim NH for part of the year (the warm part, which in NH usually means about 2 weeks). This year however we are having record heat, so that means I’m spending more time at the small lake cabin.

I picked up a pamphlet in the town of Hillsborough with “sites to see”. Listed was “House Rock“.

The problem was I couldn’t really find any photographs of this “rock that is also a house” online. I decided to find it myself and photograph it. The problem was, the directions, even on google maps, aren’t all that clear. It’s a large rock. In a forest full of large rocks. My first attempted ended in failure as the dirt road the rock is on was like driving on jello pudding. I was afraid if I did not turn around I would be stuck.

The second attempt was this Spring with my husband and a sturdier car. We were “It has to be here somewhere” (we were also amazed to discover a family that lives in a school bus, but they seemed to like it and waved at us. No we did not hear banjos).

Finally, there seemed to be a small spot where one car might have pulled off the road and parked. There, was HOUSE ROCK. Or ROCK HOUSE (I’ve seen it both ways).

It truly is a very cool and amazing rock. You can easily drive by it, but the interior is indeed, comfortable enough for camping if not quite for living. The folklore is that a family that lost their home during a horrible fire in winter moved in. (They have since moved out). It is of course a rock moved to the current position it occupies by a glacier. In fact there are huge rocks abounding in the surrounding area! I leave it for a future visit from my geologist daughter to tell me just what kind of rock it is.

Inside the rock, it’s roomier than you would think!

So for your viewing pleasure, I bring you “House Rock”. Well worth a visit and I think the neighbors in the school bus might sell you the Firebird with the smashed in windshield (it’s how you know you are getting close to the turn off anyway).

this gives a little light to the deepest part of the interior

As seen from the road…you can easily pass it by

opening…to the interior

no door but it’s cozy

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2 replies

  1. Beautiful images Kitty. I’ve always loved caves.

  2. I just had this shared with me. Great pictures and thanks for the laugh… I don’t live in a school bus.

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