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We docked in “Rome” this morning, although we are actually in the port city of Civitavecchia. Out of my window, I could see a typical industrial-looking port, and another cruise ship. Uh-oh. I could envisions hoards of camera-toting tourists crowding the streets.

Because I had only 4 days to prepare for this trip, I didn’t have time to research what I might want to do. I only new the ship’s excursions were running $150-200, took 90 minute bus ride into Rome, and which are never a good deal (and just short of a rip-off). Since I’m going on a planned trip back to Europe in September, I didn’t want to spend the money.

There was a shuttle bus into the town, so I decided to come and and see what I could see. More disaster. I counted SEVEN CRUISE SHIPS! I was on the shuttle, so decided to at least take the 5 minute ride.

I’m glad I did. Although people were shoving signs for taxi tours of the town and excursions into town, I passed them by and walked up the Main Street. Within a few blocks I was away from any hint of a crowd, and found the market. What beautiful tomatoes they grow here! Italian housewives dragging their little wheeled carts, arguing over which melon to buy, gossiping with their neighbors. Fun, although for some reason I felt a bit shy about taking many pictures.

After replenishing my supply of Euros at the post office ATM, I found a little coffee shop in the shade, from where I composed this post. A strong coffee, small pastry, and free wifi, and I’m refreshed!

This town is not a destination, as far as I can tell, but I admit I know nothing about it and I’m only seeing a downtown area. But I’m glad I went for the walk.

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  1. Naomi, you did the right thing. Last time there on our world cruise we did the exact same thing. Have some gelato before you sail. 7 cruise ships is a nightmare.

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