Parisian numbers 1-20: An Artist Visits Paris

My travels to Paris are always on a strict budget, since I am just tagging along on my husband’s business trips. I often limit myself to 10 euros and a few metro passes. Several people have asked me “How can you enjoy being alone all day in Paris?  It must be very boring with your husband at work.”  What they don’t know however, is that  my favorite activity in Paris is immersion in my flaneur persona.  I found the combination of a digital camera, a “task”, and Paris makes for some of the happiest days I’ve ever spent.  Several years ago, my “task” was most enjoyable.  Armed with a notebook, pencil,  and camera, I took to the streets to photograph the numbers 1 to 100.  This was far more difficult than I at first thought.  I wanted some variety, so I could not just walk down one street photographing as I went.  Strangers stopped and asked me what I was doing, usually “Why are you so interested in that building?”  When I would explain I was photographing numbers, they were either delighted, or offered suggestions of numbers they liked.  (“There is a building down at the end of the street, it has a beautiful doorway with a number!”).  The results went into a small book I published for my family and friends that adore Paris as much as I do.

Today I will share numbers 1-20.  Following will the rest of the numbers, I hope you enjoy looking at the numbers as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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  1. That’s a unique take on Paris. I think being there by myself would be exciting! You don’t need someone else to have fun 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. We will have another set of 20 each day this week

    • thanks Christina, I always look forward to spending time “with myself”. I find I’m not bad company! At least it makes it easy to say “hey I feel like my favorite bakery quiche for lunch in the Marias district!” and I always agree with myself!

  2. What a marvelous photo journal. Thanks for sharing! Cynthia

  3. What an incredibly cool idea!

    • Kitty is on her way back to Paris soni will comment for her 🙂 A guy paid her to photograph a lot of unusual and interesting doors in Paris, which he made into books as Christmas gifts for friends.

      • I had fun AND got paid. He also paid me to do “doors of Paris”. (waiting in Atlanta airport for flight to Paris!!)

  4. Et jouer avec les canards en caoutchouc.

  5. Non Canards!! But John I do have a surprise for our “friend” at Pere Lechaise this year!


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