Bye Bye Barilla

Barilla doesn’t want you to feature anything but a tradition family in their advertising.  Guido Barilla made the big mistake of not just discounting gays, but also women, with this interview comment. “I would never make a spot with a… Read More ›

Coffee in Livorno

Or should I say cafe? Cruise ships to Livorno stop at another unlovely industrial port, where we could watch container ships following tugboats out to see. A short bus ride later, and we find ourselves in the seaside town, enjoying… Read More ›

Somewhere in Italy

We docked in “Rome” this morning, although we are actually in the port city of Civitavecchia. Out of my window, I could see a typical industrial-looking port, and another cruise ship. Uh-oh. I could envisions hoards of camera-toting tourists crowding… Read More ›