Montenegro By the Sea


The highlight of my short day in Montenegro was getting up early, and spending a couple of hours as our boat wound its way slowly up the bay. Beautiful mountains met deep blue sea, the shore dotted with picturesque orange-tiled roofs. Motorboats, sail boats, skiffs, yachts, barges, each criss-crossed the water around us.

A tour of the country side had been been arranged for us, so we took off up in the mountains, in a bus, through an old road that had 25 switchbacks (25! Count ‘em!), most of which had no rails or guards of any kind. As we rose to over 850 meters, the potential plunge was overshadowed by views of the bay. Our guide had a great knowledge of the history of this tiny country which has been handed around and fought over for hundreds of years.

We stopped along a route for a snack, consisting of the best prosciutto I’ve ever tasted, along with local cheese and wine, and except fresh baked country breads. I would have loved to carry one of these wonderful slow-smoked hams back with me, as it had a lovely and less salty taste than the Italian versions I can find at home. On to more adventures tomorrow!


Just a little excitement as I was writing this. Security called to tell me Jeffrey was not on the ship and they were not waiting for him, and is phone is not working here. However, as we spoke, ol’ Jeffrey showed up.

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  1. I love how no matter where you go, Naomi, you always manage to find something fantastic off the beaten track. That food sounds brilliant.

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