No worries November….

The wee cabin has been the subject of a few blog posts.  This year is the latest we have been able to use the cabin, having installed a small heater that we run while we are gone.

As the water goes down, we get to see what was hidden all Summer

As the water goes down, we get to see what was hidden all Summer

We have arrived the past few weekends to a very chilly cabin, which being very small warms up quickly once we turn up the heater.  Still, this is the end, once snow falls we are unable to reach the cabin until it melts in Spring, so we took one last walk.


this is the rock where children jump off in Summer when the lake is full.

this is the rock now, with the lake lowering...not safe anymore for jumping!

this is the rock now, with the lake lowering…not safe anymore for jumping!

The lake is drained in the winter, it’s really a “fake lake”, dammed in 1926 to hold snow melt and keep the local town from flooding.  There are two power plants that collect energy from both ends of the lake.  This lake lowering is wonderful for those of us with cabins as we don’t have to worry about ice damage to our docks.  The docks are on dry land all winter.

No fear of ice damage, one advantage of Franklin Pierce Lake.  It's the blue collar lake of NH, but we love it.

no fear of ice damage with the water down

People with snow mobiles and cross country skis enjoy the almost dry lake bed once the snow comes.

These rocks are usually a navigation hazard for boats in the summer, they are covered by water.

These rocks are usually a navigation hazard for boats in the summer, they are covered by water.

November always has the joke “No sun, no leaves, no snow, NOVEMBER!” and is considered one of the worst months in New England.  Snow means outdoor activities from snow shoeing to skiing to sledding.  November is the “dull month”.  I don’t mind November, it’s a quiet break before tourists come to ski and unexpected snow falls make travel tricky.  November is one last deep breath before we jump into true winter.

Nature made this

Nature made this (and Photoshop)

While the beautiful Fall foliage is gone, I find a gentle abstract beauty in November.  Weird creations of nature get a chance to be seen when not competing with anything else.  Leaves are gone, snow isn’t here, so it’s basically naked trees showing off their art.

tree mini sculptures

tree mini sculptures

November is also a reminder that we’re on this small blue marble going around the sun, not farther away, but with a slightly different tilt.  We’re on a voyage, and winter is just part of that trip that New Englanders notice perhaps more than others.


Goodbye lake, see you in the Spring!

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  1. Reblogged this on Songs From the Wood and commented:
    This was great…reminds me of Schoodic Lake

    • this is Franklin Pierce Lake, our part is in Antrim, but the other half is in Hillsborough. President Pierce’s birthplace is UNDER the lake in the summer, but at least they named the lake after him. Schoodic Lake sounds wonderful.

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