An Amaz!ng Breakfast

I’ve been working14-hour days, if you don’t include the driving time, while commissioning a new processing plant in West Texas, for the past few weeks. Kitty is still on her European trip (I should mention here that those two activities are exactly alike, only different). Therefore, you get a post I wrote three years ago. Kitty and I were roommates on a cruise put together by our friend Jeff Wagg and sponsored by the James Randi Educational Foundation. I wrote some short blogposts during the trip. I like this one, mainly because of the great shot of Randi in the middle of a great story. Blog post below.

One morning this week, during our cruise through the Mexican Riviera, my friends Kitty, Susan (wife of Robert Lancaster aka and I were enjoying breakfast when Randi wandered by, claiming to be on the hunt for rich widows. None of us qualified, but he decided that, in a pinch we would do, and joined us. As is usual with Randi, he held court, and shared stories of his adventures. However, the breakfast was amazing in that we actually got in word in edgewise! Most of the meal was spent making fun of the truly awful stage magician we had seen on the ship earlier in the week. Randi sat on the front row, unnoticed by “LaRaf”, surrounded by his entourage. Many of our group are either amateur magicians or have seen enough of Randi’s demonstrations to know what to look for during a show, and even I was able to see the set-ups. As we exited the theater for dinner, we decided that being appalled really works up an appetite.

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  1. I would listen to every story this man ever wanted to tell. Even if it was about making sandwiches. Epic picture.

  2. Just to listen to his stories of his time on the Long John Nebel show is a treat. You really need to start a recorder going whenever he talks.

  3. I remember that horrible magician! I sat next to Mark Edward and kept watching him cringe. I think Stirling was sitting with Randi and they felt ill afterward watching that act. Those were fun days!

  4. On this cruise after this one, I had a delightful moment with Kitty and Susie as we watched a man in full scuba gear climbing a rope on stage and performing – something, while the theme from Jaws rumbled ominously.

  5. Randi is always an entertainer! Even at breakfast. The poor cruise magician was SO bad, even a non magician could see how bad he was. Randi really enjoyed the cruise, even if he was supposed to be working on his book (which he is still writing, however, the snippets he has shared at are really interesting.).


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