ABOUT US AND FRIENDS! A Blog about Travel, Food, Work, Friends, and Fun Stuff We do

We’re just a couple of girls of A Certain Age who like to observe and write about the world we see. With great friends! People have asked us about the title, such as why it’s called Two Different Girls when there are clearly more than two.  I chose the name a few years ago when I contemplated creating a place to write that was different from where I very occasionally had posted in the past, such as on the James Randi Educational Foundation’s SWIFT blog, on Shethought.com, IndieSkeptics.com, Skepchick.com, and others. I wanted to write about things that had nothing to do with skepticism. Originally, I had intended to even perhaps blog anonymously, so the ‘two different girls’ was my name for the two sides of my personality, two sides of my interest. When Kitty and I decided that we both needed a place to blog about random events in our lives, I pulled this one up. Even with multiple contributors, it still fits. We all have different aspects of our lives and our interests.

On a cruise. We make great roomies.

Geek Goddess is a mother, skeptic, atheist, engineer, manager of an energy-related company, knitter, traveler, foodie, and hard-core Texan. She is learning patience and kindness from Kitty.

Kitty is a trained artist, mother, traveler, expert on dealing with ‘alien abductees’, skeptic, Northeastern, knitter, and is always willing to comply when Geek Goddess says “hey, taste this.”

Conch Fritters for lunch in St Thomas

LibraryLady lives in Central Maryland, where she practices kindness and
cultivates her garden. She has not yet given up hope.

justpaperskater is studying for her Doctor of Pharmacy, collects fountain pens and inks, and is a master calligrapher. She’s learning her traveling smarts.

justpaperskater and kitty after a cruise!

8 replies

  1. Darth Rotor approves of this blog. You go, girls. 🙂

  2. Yay for knitters!!

  3. Your blog is a source of inspiration to me, and therefore I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award. 🙂 If you would like to accept this award, you can find more information here: http://inspirationsandwich.wordpress.com/2013/02/28/inspiring-blog-award

  4. U recently wrote an article about Pecos, tx on how its a crapy place to live let me tell u something u over the hill wanna be writer u would not know how much history and hard working people their is in Pecos so before u open your mouth get to know them first.

  5. In defense of Pecs Texas. Yes it is a hole in the ground. But at one time it was a prosperous bustling town with several outlaying farms that grew cotton and sun flower seeds as well as cantaloupe water melons and onions. We had good schools and pretty good places go eat. We had several grocery stores. And several dept stores sears and penneys.
    The fire dept blew its whistle every day at noon. Pecs could make a come back if the city council and mayor would do something other than sit on there butt.

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