Who wants Wal Mart? We have Village Discount!

Many people don’t remember what life was like before Wal Mart. People that live in Antrim or Hillsborough New Hampshire don’t have a Wal Mart nearby to visit. If you need something, you visit the Village Discount Center. The Village Discount Center appears to be the left over set from a cheap Western film. While it appears to be many little stores, perhaps from the set of a high school play, inside is just one huge room of savings!

The only problem is that unless you are looking for fishing gear, it’s fairly hit or miss. The store has everything for fishing, and some basic items. I went to get rings for hanging up a shower curtain, and the store has them, but in very limited colors. Like white. Also for some reason ones with large plastic fishes.

I always do well for holiday shopping here. They have a lot of stuff with dogs on it. My mother in law adores her German Shepherd. I bought her an outdoor thermometer with a German Shepherd made out of some sort of plastic. She wants more for her German Shepherd loving friends.

a step up from just a mason or jelly jar…this is for people that live in a “double wide”

I already have plans to go back for the “Red Neck” glasses. If I thought I could get away with it I would have the bucks in heat rug in my bedroom. It’s actually very well made.

I think this would really get any man in the “mood” for love. Perfect for a bedroom.

I really want someone to get married. Someone I know well enough to have to buy a gift and someone that would really appreciate a duck or puppy or deer wine holder. The deer and duck is ok, but the puppy is a little too real for me to be comfortable. Who finds a puppy giving himself alcohol poisoning funny? (I would totally buy the deer for a gift, don’t even register for the puppy because I’m not buying it).

There is one item even a tacky tolerant person like myself would not buy. That is the potato head doll. Yes, a celebration of poverty, when a family could not afford a real doll. “Let’s make a doll out of a potato sack and give it a potato head, it will look so cute!” did not fool children even during the depression. Why the Village Discount center is selling a copy of a doll no one wanted even in the old days is beyond my comprehension. The head isn’t even a real potato, it’s plastic.

Our economy is bad, but not so bad we need to buy an imitation depression era doll for our children.

I really enjoy Village Discount, and if they ever build a boring Wal Mart I think I’ll cry. Wal Mart may have more colors in shower curtain rings, but they don’t carry a rug with Bucks in Heat.

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  1. We already own a bear wine holder….the lush! Sorry the store is closing….such stores are treasures and gold mines for off-beat folks like ourselves!

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