And We Are Off!

Kitty and I are off on another adventure. We haven’t seen each other since last fall, so I’m looking forward to catching up and hearing all her stories about her visit to France and Switzerland earlier this month.

We are on our way to the College of Curiosity, which we wrote about back in March. I’m looking forward to this for several reasons: first, our mutual friend Jeff Wagg, who always finds unique things to see and do, organizes it. There are going to be several speakers who will undoubtedly be informative and entertaining. I already know over a dozen or so of our fellow attendees, so it will be a reunion of a bunch of great friends, some of whom I’ve not seen in over a year. I get to finally meet some people that I’ve been friends with online for years! I’ve also never been to St Louis, so I hope to squeeze in time to do a few touristy things like visit the Arch. And of course, I’ll have some new things to blog about!

Just for fun, here are a few pictures of other trips I’ve made, some with Kitty, that have people I get to see this weekend!

Categories: Friends, Skeptic, Travel

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  1. Hope you had a great time in St. Louis!

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