Friday Fun Flick! What I Do for a Living

Like most people, I have different circles of friends. Many of them I have met through professional contacts and are therefore in the same industry as me, but in the past few years, the bulk of my friends were met through some organizations I belong to. They are scattered throughout the US and Canada and in the UK and Australia. Pretty much none of them are in my industry and thus know little about what I do. Which is refreshing, actually.

So, this is part of what I do: I take some pieces of paper, make evaluations of the information on them, put more stuff down on paper, and make the ideas into something that makes useful products. Next time you light your cooktop, fire up the propane grill, or drive your car: you’re welcome.

Processing plant in process: This one removes water, CO2 and traces of hydrogen sulfide from natural gas. This is about one-third the way through construction, so it looks a bit messy.

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