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Touching your forefinger to your thumb is what separates us from the lower animals. Call me Puppy.

Touching your forefinger to your thumb is what separates us from the lower animals. Call me Puppy.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had surgery on my CMC joint last week.  It was an outpatient surgery, and I was out later that afternoon with my left hand wrist and elbow covered with a thickly padded splint.  My thumb is immobilized. Being a big proponent of the opposable thumbs, I have found myself unable to do many things with my left hand which I usually take for granted.

My thumb is splinted so that I can’t bend it, meaning that I cannot touch my forefinger and thumb together without straining, which hurts a lot. I suspect I’m not supposed  to do that. Many things I can manage. I can fix simple meals that don’t require knifework. I can pour myself a drink if someone opens the wine bottle for me first. I can get. I can get dressed if I wear things that pull on with elastic waistbands and have a shirt big enough to slip over my cast.  I can brush my teeth and more or less comb my hair. I can feed the dogs and water my flowers.

But I can’t do the things that I normally don’t think about. I can’t get my hair put into a ponytail. And you probably wouldn’t think of this, but it’s very hard to get a bra fastened with only one hand. I’ve managed it the few times I needed to leave the house this past week, but it wasn’t easy and I had to take one of my pain pills after. Which then required a nap.

A friend suggested that I try out one of the dictation programs to do my writing with so I did little research and found Dragon Express for $50, which was one of the cheapest ones around. I’m lucky I didn’t buy it, however, because after reading the reviews I realize that it doesn’t work on the current Mac OS version I now have.  Other versions of Dragon cost even more so I’m not going to spend money. However I did find that the new Mountain Lion OS system has a dictation feature, which is using to compose this.  It’s not great, and it doesn’t recognize all of my words, but I think it’ll do for now. At least I can get Kitty and the other bloggers a break.

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  1. Hope you’re back among the simian community soon Naomi! Glad it hasn’t dulled your enthusiasm

  2. Feel better soon. I recently broke my right shoulder, coincidentally is was my good arm, it was rough!

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