It’s not hoarding if it’s cool stuff….

I have a friend on facebook that suffers from the same affliction I do.  We love vintage historic collectible items, or as some people call it “Junk”.  I have a home with an old paddle with peeling green paint hanging on my wall.  I have a soft spot for vintage game boards, yes I know there are tons of them and they aren’t worth much, but I just like how they look.  I even had my holiday gift dreams come true when my brother bought me a Jackalope for Xmas one year.


William Price, lawyer, what’s not to love?

William Price is a critical thinker, world travelers, all around handsome man and a ,gasp, lawyer with a sense of humor.


A real lawyer isn’t afraid to have a real shark in his office. Also the bomb is a nice touch.

While I have never visited his law office, I one day hope to do so.  That’s because William also has the same incredible decorating abilities that I have!  Who needs to hire a professional when you have such natural talent as we have?


no need to wonder what kind of office this is!

There are some people that get this, and some that don’t. I’m lucky enough to be married to a husband that enjoys what I find, even if he’s not going to go looking for it.


Who wouldn’t want to have a mummy in their office? Or those fish thingys? The best part is in our world, those things go together.

William is known to share his latest auction find.  I’m not up to auctions yet, but I have yet to find an antique shop I don’t like.  Well, it should be noted I like shops that have chairs with three legs sitting out front.  If it’s junky, you know there is something good hiding in there at a great price.


Guess what this machine did? I never used one but my mom did.


This guy can’t bear waiting….


A Carnival cruise ship that is not on fire.


I probably would forget all about my impending divorce, or whatever, just looking at the elephant.


It makes me want to sue someone just to get in to see all this cool stuff.


Steampunk coffee maker?

Thanks for letting me share your photographs.  If you ever need a lawyer, or to take your mind off your legal troubles, I suggest a visit to this office.

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5 replies

  1. Jay Feldman’s lawyer office isn’t quite this over-the-top, but I did notice a phaser in a glass case by his desk. Have fun—no one gets out alive.

  2. Oh cool, I would love to visit his office.


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