An Amazing Adventure for Naomi from the past…

GeekGoddess is still away on her amazing vacation where she will be exploring the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon.  Meanwhile, since we are waiting for updates as she can post them, some photographs from other adventures she has been on.

When we went to visit St.Thomas and Puerto Rico, Naomi’s son Richard came along.

He’s quite handsome, though of the two beautiful ladies one is single and the other is taken.


As you can see Naomi is as good looking as her son is handsome.


We’ll end with a joke told by James “The Amazing” Randi.

We even had a handsome pirate from Australia.  Jeff Wagg, who put together the cruise called it a “Pirate Adventure”.  This wonderful young man took it to heart and dressed like a pirate almost the entire voyage.  Everyone loved this!


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