Headed to the Galapagos Islands!

Next month, I’m taking a trip with 37 of my closest friends.

Quito, Ecuador (from blogs.greenville.edu)

OK, quite a few of them are my close friends, such as my fellow 2DG bloggers Jeff Wagg and Oke Millet.  Jeff, through his wonderful outfit College of Curiosity, has arranged a trip to the Galapagos Islands on a yacht. The boat, the Coral I, holds 38 passengers, and I believe I’ve been on previous trips or conferences with all but three of the people. Thus, a trip with friends.

First, we are spending a day in Quito, Ecuador, where Jeff has promised us a personalized tour, complete with lunch while sitting on the edge of a volcano. I have developed a sudden allergy that allows me to eat only fish and vegetables, since I have a very sneaky suspicion that someone is going to trick me into eating cuy, a local ‘delicacy’,  and I just don’t plan on drinking that much. We are then on board the yacht for five days of touring the beautiful and exotic islands, with nature guides. I’m reading Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in preparation.

The short video shows the accommodations (no narration and awful music so you can leave the sound turned down).

If that is not cool enough, several of us are continuing on  a trip up an Amazon River tributary to the Sacha Lodge.

Our lodge

I have been assured that this is not an ‘eco-tour’ where I must sleep on the bare ground wrapped in mosquito netting, carrying a machete to ward off giant spiders and centipedes with ten thousand legs that crawl in and out of the eyeballs of decaying headhunter victims.  However, Jeff has said “But…piranhas!!”  (How cool is that?) To get there, we take a short flight over the Andes (Alive, anyone?),  then a 50 mile river trip on motorized canoes (alligators and snakes and PIRANHAS!!), and then a walk through part of the jungle rain forest. My roomie for the trip, Irena, says “are you sure you want to do this?”  I think she mentioned something about Motel 6 as “roughing it.”

Bird watching from the canopy

This lodge is in a 5000-acre private reserve that’s known for bird-watching opportunities. Although I know nothing about birds, except the few varieties that hang around my house, I’m looking forward to seeing the Amazon basin. It wasn’t on my bucket list, but hey, I’ll probably never pass this way again and want to take the opportunity!

I’m ready, I have my SPF 50 sunscreen, nuclear-strength mosquito repellant, updated vaccines (yellow fever, typhoid, Hep B), and a prescription for anti-malarial pills. I have my plane ticket. I have a big sun hat, a tough camera, and light weight wear-and-wash clothing.

The countdown begins!

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8 replies

  1. can’t wait to see ALL THE WONDERFUL blogs you will get out of this trip! plus photographs!

  2. So excited to be heading back to the Galapagos with a boatload of friends & like-minded people! My booking was just completed moments ago, and the countdown begins!

  3. Looks wonderful. Look forward to reading your always interesting take on your destinations

  4. Lucky duck! That is SO cool! I hope you post lots of photos. This is definitely on my to-go list!


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