Two Different Girls & Friends Go to Sea

So, four of us – Kitty, justpaperskater, jeffwagg, and me – are headed on a five-day cruise to..some place. (“Hey, Jeff, where are we going again?” “GG, we are going to Nassau and Coco Cay.” “Thanks.”)

Yesterday, Paperskater and Jeff went to the Kennedy Space Center. Paperskater got to stand FIVE FEET AWAY from the Endeavour space shuttle. That’s the highlight of her trip so it will be downhill from here.

justpaperskater is a fangirl!

We stayed at an older La Quinta Hotel in Coco Beach, which was originally owned and occupied by the Mercury astronauts. This morning, I’m writing this on the shuttle to the port. This is the seventh cruise I’ve been on with some of the people in our group. It’s about the people, not the transport.

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