Ahoy, Friends!

Ahoy readers!

A motley crew

GG and I have survived the Bermuda Triangle! Paperskater and Jeff Wagg (our intrepid leader) also survived!  Our adventures were on ship and on land. Jeff made sure each day was filled with mystery, questions, learning many new things, and fun.  It’s not called “College of Curiosity” for nothing! Nassau (or New Providence) was not just your typical shopping.  Instead, Jeff made sure we had an in-depth tour of the island. Rich Paradise resort to the poorest homes, caves and forts, pastel color buildings (police are green, government buildings pink) and of course real local food, were all experienced.  Nassau is so much more than just a quick stop to buy a straw bag.

On board, everyone was also experiencing new things. Paperskater decided any salad with an exclamation point in the name deserved trying. She found that you go up to a salad bar and point out everything you want. The salad master then mixes it all up in a large metal bowel and cuts it with a giant pizza cutter. The finished salad is wonderful as everything is well mixed including the salad dressing.  The problem of salad dressing just sitting on the top layer was cured, just with a giant pizza cutter.  Plans have been made to purchase metal bowels and pizza cutters by at least two of the bloggers here.

Tutti Salad!!!!

And here it is!

The best part was of course being with our fellow curiosity seekers.  Here Paperskater and Jen are appreciating a very good magician.

…..and here is Jen appreciating our friend Mario (a perhaps not as good magician) and Chico the Lying Monkey.  She has just pulled the tail off the lying monkey. Chico still does a good job reading her mind.  A good time had by all, which for some of the bloggers here continues with a visit to Disney World.

Chico is a very cheeky monkey

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