Randi does a “thank you” magic trick

I was honored to attend the “Speakers Cocktail Party” at TAM 2012 last night.  It should be noted, I’m not a “speaker”.  I was a panel member and helped with a workshop that was lead by the wonderful Sharon Hill.  However, this allowed me to attend the cocktail party, where I was among the best of the skeptic leaders.

James “The Amazing” Randi, did a “Thank You” magic trick for the speakers.  If you want to see Skeptics move quickly, wait until Randi says “I need to make space to perform.”  It seemed within seconds a table was cleared and chairs arranged to watch the master perform.

Randi said this is a very old trick, but he performs it with a twist.  This twist makes other magicians very jealous.  He joked that other magicians have suggested that since Randi isn’t going to live forever, maybe he should share his “twist” with them.

As usual, Randi was a delight and is still the master entertainer.

So please enjoy!  I felt so lucky to see Randi perform…and I hope you will also enjoy watching!

(Oh this is 10 minutes long, but well worth it)

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  1. Your video link has recently become “unavailable”.

  2. I think Randi was exaggerating about other magicians needing him to share. I stumbled upon a mention of the “twist” on page 61 of Professor Hoffman’s “Modern Magic”, 9th edition, 1894, Kessinger Legacy Reprints. I’m only an amateur, so probably everyone else already knows this.


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