tam 2012 … free panties and happy women

As you my know, both “two different girls” are in Las Vegas enjoying ourselves at TAM 2012. This is a quick update of some highlights of our adventures.

First off, Geek Goddess, is going to be fighting off the men with this new tshirt I brought her as a gift. This tshirt is 100% true men. She will “Hunt on the First Date”

Just line up guys….she’s a keeper!

I have to highly recommend staying at South Point in Vegas. My own room came with a free pair of panties (only slightly used, someone had rinsed them out). If these are yours, just contact me via here.

South Point Special….

Good news awaiting me, though EVERYONE knew ahead of time…but Jonny and Caroline good friends got engaged just before TAM. (it was a relief for all of us, as no one wanted to “slip up”, Jonny was so happy about asking her.. that we all knew)

Yes she really is that beautiful ALL the time. Happy with her vintage engagement ring.

Two Different Girls…happily supporting the wonderful Dr.Harriet Hall. She’s taking some heat for a happy face tshirt that says she feels safe and welcome at TAM. TAM and Randi have been a wonderful influence on my two daughters, and Dr.Hall is a hero of mine. Geek and I are “Way to go Harriet!!”

A true skeptic hero, not a skepchick hero, not a woman hero…. simply a skeptic hero. We all need to define our own lives, not have others define our lives for us.
Who we are, should be our own choice, not that of others….thank you Harriet for reminding us.

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2 replies

  1. Anyone who is giving Dr. Hall shit for wearing that shirt and thinking she is dismissing harassment, needs to read her book about being a female doctor in the Air Force decades ago, and then STFU.

  2. Upon seeing the last photo, I immediately thought of Noah Wippie’s portrait of Kitty at the typewriter.

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