Placebo cure for orgasm issues in Paris

I decided to make a few videos for a friend who is quite old and will never make it back to his beloved Paris. I thought, “I’ll do a few tour guide type bits for some places he’s probably never seen.” Pere Lechaise Cemetery is one of my favorite spots. I have already done a few “fun” videos for friends there. Once on a whim I pretended to be a psychic and “Talk to the dead of Paris”. Very silly and unplanned, but it was an interesting way to visit the cemetery. What would Isadora Duncan have to say from the beyond? Well, probably something about scarves not being the best fashion accessory.

This video has me trying to explain the grave of Victor Noir. The details aren’t too important. Who he was isn’t as important as what his grave has become.

No, I do not demonstrate. I have to assure the readers of the blog I have no need of the cure Victor Noir offers.

It should be noted my husband is used to me. That’s why he was able to keep the camera steady.

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  1. I really like your courage and your insight. Today you told me something new and for that I thank you.

    I’ve never been to Paris but love all things about the French world. I actually went to the Google street view and created a little tour of all the places I would like to visit. I think it would be real cool to visit the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore. Thanks

    • I never thought I would ever go to Paris. Then my husband got a job where he has to travel to Europe a lot. We save up the ffmiles and I go once a year. I have a budget, so I’ve learned how to eat cheaply (a slice of heavenly quiche from a bakery) and where the tourists don’t go (though of course you also have to see all the tourist sites!), and I take a lot of photographs and sometimes fun videos. I love the online tours, there is one of Pere Lechaise cemetery. You MUST buy or print out an online map….or you are LOST. I’m sure you will make it to Paris, and YES it will live up to your expectations!

  2. Wait… what was the last sentence you said? Oh my.

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