Laura Flook, get well soon!

I spent a wonderful weekend at the cabin (now open for Spring and Summer) that I mention often on the blog.  Fellow blogger Kochanski came up for a weekend of butterfly watching, fossil buying, wool shopping, and Thai food.

Then we watched episodes of “Miranda” and my husband and I are both sad as we wanted to order the series on DVD and it doesn’t appear to be for sale in the US ( or at least in a way we can view it!)

Being Mother’s Day my husband of course told me he had purchased me a gift. That’s because he wants to keep me happy.  Even though our children are grown, we joke we stay together because we’re afraid of the children.  He appreciates the value of raising even adult children as a team.


Before email had been invented, I just had to write notes on the bathroom mirror with gift suggestions. The internet has made life much easier, cleaning of the lipstick was a real bother. The old days were hard.

Now, how does my husband know what to get me?  Some people think it’s because we have been married so long he knows me so well he just can sense what would be the perfect gift.  Part of that is true, as I don’t tell him what to buy me.

I simply email what I want over and over and over to him.  Mark says it’s lovely I email him multiple choices so it’s a surprise for me somewhat.  I have to explain, no I wanted ALL those things I emailed.  It’s not a choice, it’s “get all of these”.  He doesn’t understand it yet.


If you like cool new stuff that looks old…you’ll love Laura’s work.

This year I began to email things by my favorite designer Laura Flook.  She’s on the show “Oddities” and she used to be a mortician.  Now she is a dress and jewelry designer.  She does not make dresses for people my size.  I suppose she would if asked, but I think she has a more youthful and trim look in mind for her beautiful fashions.  My younger daughter would look magnificent in the clothing Laura designs.

She has some jewelry designs now, based on Victorian death practices (it sounds cool when I put it that way).  I sent the link for some earrings to my husband, also a fan of “Oddities” and Laura Flook, and for once he was “I love these!” rather than “Do you know how much these cost?”

Sadly, Laura isn’t feeling well.  The web site assured my husband when she is feeling better she will have the earrings shipped out.  I was hoping to have them to wear to an important wedding fellow blogger, Naomi, and myself will be attending soon.  However, now I hope for July, and an important conference Kochanski and I attend together.

I don’t care how long it takes, I just hope Laura is back on her feet (and on “Oddities”), and designing more interesting and beautiful things soon.  Part of the profits of her work also go to charity.  She’s talented, beautiful and generous.  I’ll be proud to wear her design.

(And please, order something from her, the site will be shipping soon and everything is so unique.  Worth a wait!)


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  1. I just discovered Laura Flook. She’s completely fascinating, and so totally, beautifully herself. Haunting and lovely, and obviously an artist whose talents I envy. What strikes me most about her is her intelligence and subtle humor, which I garnered from reading the blog on her website. Alas, she doesn’t make clothes in my size, either! I’ll be keeping my eye on her website, though, if only to peruse her designs/art pieces for that jolt of compelling darkness and beauty I’ve craved since I was a secret-Goth-kind-of kid in the 1980’s.

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