Free Truck, slightly used

Hiking near Lake Franklin Pierce is always lovely.  The roads are dirt, and shady.  Cars are few, but there is one truck I am always happy to see.  No one quite knows when this truck was left in the woods.  The “road” it is on hasn’t been used for a road in a very long time.  The “road” is now nothing more than a foot path shortcut between two real roads.  I’m not sure of the age or make of the truck, but it’s always a delightful surprise to company when they go for a hike and find a truck (or what is left of a truck) in the middle of the woods.  Most of the wood parts have rotted off, and being so much of the truck was wood might help date it.

Might need a jump to restart it

When I hike, I like to take a camera along.  I feel a camera makes me stop and really look at something.  If I’m without a camera I tend to be too focused on getting to someplace and not focused enough on enjoying where I am.

wonder what mileage it got?

no road…

Inside the engine area


I’m not the only one checking out the truck

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