Frog City, USA

Last week, I was driving across southern Louisiana between New Orleans and Houston on I-10, and pulled off at a random exit for a pit stop and refreshments. As I turned into the Dairy Queen parking lot, a giant metal sculpture caught my eye:


Greetings from Bad Frog Sculpture

In case you didn’t know:


Obviously a sign for Frog-Seekers who Have Lost Their Way

Not only is Rayne designated as “Louisiana’s City of Murals” it is the Frog capital of the WORLD. No shit, it’s right there on the sign, so it must be true. And here’s proof, a frog mural.

Not quite Hypnotoad

There you go, a mural of a frog who as been smoking boudin* instead of eating it, judging by the eyes. The black outline represents the dead body, I mean the shape of the great State of Louisiana.

I like this state. The people are generally friendly. They have all this water just lying around on the ground, in the open, doing nothing, which is pretty amazing after a year in drought-stricken Texas. They think fried chicken is health food. There are mosquitos the size of Volkswagens and alligators the size of semis. They have fantastic local cuisine, except for the deep-fried nutria.

In case you’re still not convinced that this is truly Frog City, I offer the following evidence, all recorded less than 200 yards from the Interstate exit.


There is no evidence if this is a segregated bar, or if people are also served swamp water.


Do we dare find out what is served on the menu of that restaurant?

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2 replies

  1. but WHY? do they have a lot of frogs? I think I will designate Antrim NH “Toad City” just because I think you can….that mural is….pretty good for the Middle School that painted it. And your article made me laugh more than once!! Louisiana does look like the outline of a frog if you have run it over.

  2. OK OK I just got that is a SUNSET on the mural! I thought it was a magical floating orb, or space alien ship, or whatever. Like I said kudos to the middle school art class that painted it.

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