A Male Engineering Student Address His Female Classmates, and Wins My Admiration

I saw this photo, which has gone viral, on my Facebook feed today. I read it several times. It spoke to me.

Jared is channeling a lot of women in engineering and science.

Jared is channeling a lot of women in engineering and science.

Although Jared Mauldin, who is attending Eastern Washington University, is younger than my own sons, I felt like he must have followed me around. In my high school, where I was one of two girls in the pre-calc class and the teacher routinely ignored me, or answered me questions such as ‘where did you get this answer?’ with “out of the thin air”.  In my college Texas Tech, where some of my engineering professors accused me of trying to take a man’s job (I’ve written about my experiences with really awful professors in school here and about women going into engineering and what kinds of salaries they can make here), or a interviewer telling me that I might have to get my hands dirty, or just how would my husband feel about me going to field locations or traveling overnight??

STEM and the Gender Gap

We’re Unequal: Engineering Student’s Humble Letter Praises Female Students’ Feats


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  1. Were you ever accused of cheating when you had the right answers in math or science class in high school. I would not be surprised if your answer is “yes” because I was. I proved that I wasn’t a cheat by doing a geometry proof that no other member of my class did correctly. In fact, it was a proof that few students had gotten right for all the years that the teacher had been teaching the course. It had been many, many years since he’d seen a correct answer. That’s when the assumption that I was cheating stopped. My teacher and I became very good friends when I got that proof correct. He sang my praises to every other math and science teacher in my school and refused to allow any teacher to dismiss me as unworthy. It’s always good to have a mentor who is willing to fight for you.

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