Alice in Wonderland in Needle Felting

So, a lazy post as I am dealing with my RA…. but wanted the chance to show I’m still learning to needle felt, and these are my first attempts at “Alice in Wonderland” characters.  I did not enjoy my first attempt at a human like figure.  Also, finding the right size teapot for the Dormouse was almost impossible, and I’m not happy with the flat teapot I ended up using.  I’m keeping my eye out for round style small teapots.  So huge Dormouse, but remember, in Alice things keep changing sizes.

alice tea pot

Also Alice is not from “Wonderland” but the “Looking Glass”.  First person to name the cat wins!

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  1. I believe that’s ‘Kitty’. You’ve done very well with your figures and from the picture the teapot looks pretty good.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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