From the Dreamliner: Friday Fun

I had a short business trip to Wyoming this week, connecting back through Denver.

Just so happens that the Dreamliner, the new Boeing 787, comes from Tokyo to Denver, then continues on to Houston, and that was the flight that I was one.  My flight was less than two hours, but it was nice to watch a movie (Divergent, which I turned off halfway through), and to lie out completely flat while dozing. The windows don’t have shades, but are instead equipped with adjustable polarization. This was the view from my window, around 6:30 MST yesterday.


Taken with my iphone 5S, no filters or HDR.  Cool, no? A few more random shots below the big one.


View over Colorado through the Dreamliner polarized windows

View over Colorado through the Dreamliner polarized windows


Cold plate snack

Next to head rest, a shelf for your electronics, along with outlets.

Big ol’ squishy pillow with actual fresh pillow cover. I couldn’t figure out how to steal it 😉

Similar to other large-plane business class, but the bed is fully flat. I like the option to elevate my legs.

Shelves for shoes, a ledge for your electronics or books.

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