Scenes Around Seagraves

Seagraves is a tiny town stuck in the middle of a bit of Texas that’s either referred to as “West Texas” or “The Panhandle” depending on your perspective. It’s definitely part of the large cotton producing region that makes up the High Plains., but there is enough of the oil patch as it’s on the edge of the Permian Basin field.  It’s definitely a crappy place to be from, but it’s a bit brighter and cleaner than some of the really crappy places I’ve written about (for example, here, here, and especially here).  I’ll be traveling out in this area quite a bit during the next few months, for a project near a tiny place called Wellman. When I drove through the area in and around Seagraves last week, the gray overcast sky and cool weather made me want to slow down and enjoy the drive.  (Note: in 2010, Extreme Makeover, which is a TV show that rebuilds houses, provided a family in Wellman with a new home, a year after their daughter died from texting while driving. I’ll have to drive by and see it next time I’m there. You can look it up on YouTube, but be warned that they arranged for Justin Bieber to be there.)


seminole, cotton patch, oil field

South of Seminole Texas, where the cotton patch meets the oil field




Cotton farmers live in the middle of their fields, in the High Plains region of Texas. Even drizzle is welcome to these dry land farmers.


King Cotton, ready for stripping. Note the sandy red soil. In the windy spring, it forms drifts across the road, that must be cleared. Like snow.


cotton gin, wellman texas

This is one of three businesses in Wellman, Texas. The other two? An unattended gas station, and a cotton gin.


This being Texas, every town has a place for football, even if your team is six-man, and the stadium holds more people than live in the town. Which in Wellman’s case, is 203 people.




Go Wellman Wildcats!!!


The only restaurant in town has been long gone. It probably had pretty damn good chicken-fried steak at one time. Now, the nearest eating establishment is in Seagraves, which I wrote about last year.


The restaurant at the end of the Universe. Nearly.


I’ve been driving by this old carbon black plant for over 40 years, mostly back when I was attending Texas Tech and traveling home to visit my parents. I don’t see cars any more, so I assume it’s abandoned.


On Highway 385 outside of Seminole Texas. Abandoned carbon black plant.


City clock. Seminole is south of Lubbock, Texas


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  1. Reminds me of my parents’ hometowns in the MS Delta (minus the oil). You should suggest investing in kudzu to the people of Seagraves … or not. 🙂

    • It’s amazing that anyone knows let alone writes about Seagraves. My dad was called there in late 66’ by a job as sheriff and my younger brother was born shortly after in Jan 67. I don’t remember much of the town but my older brother always said it had 3 houses and a water tower. We eventually made our way back to family in NY. As an adult I never actually met anyone who claimed to know of the exsistance of Seagraves. My curiosity would be met in 2014 when I finally had the opportunity to see the place my brother was born in. All the stories of nothing were true! I was left to wonder what on earth was my father thinking.

  2. there is a Seminole FLorida…’s interesting to see these small towns and wonder if they will survive into another generation. Also the raising of cotton in such tough soil….beautiful photographs Naomi.


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