My cabin decorating, not quite a “harmony of color and style”

Sometimes I feel like the world of decorating has finally caught up with my own eclectic style.  Pinterest and other online sites now share and extol the random and budget friendly decor I learned from my grandmother.  She never bought a new piece of furniture, other than mattresses and the occasional sofa, and probably as a result my own mother rarely bought anything but new.  I’m a throw back, if only because I can afford eclectic far more than I can afford a decorator.

  New neighbors at the lake bought their cabin last year, and had it entirely repainted and redecorated before they moved in.  Every bit of furniture is brand new, and each small room coordinates perfectly.  It all makes for a “harmony of color and style” I was informed when I visited.


Well who doesn’t love a jackalope? I call adding sunglasses that perfect decorator touch.

My cabin is filled with “stuff left over from my home”. For the most part it’s stuff that I’ve gathered over the years.  I basically decluttered my home a bit by moving stuff to the cabin.  I also found an excuse to buy more stuff from vintage stores, garage sales, and charity shops.


The boat watercolor was bought at auction for $15 over 30 years ago. The vintage game board can come off the wall for play. It was all of $7. It doesn’t matter that the boards are common, I just like how it looks and how it is also functional.

It’s far from a “harmony of color and style”, but I like it.  Yes, the upstairs is almost all knotty pine.  It grows on you.  Really.


This broken old stained glass window was bought in an Ellicott City antique shop. It sat in a closet for over 20 years until I was “hey I know where that needs to go!”


Old family photographs taken on the Eastern Shore of Maryland line up in the downstairs bathroom. Grandmother would be proud she’s here in her bathing suit!


This maple mirror has the makers name on the back, a Massachusetts furniture maker. Made in the 1940’s it was bought for one reason only, it fits this narrow space.


Sometimes your decor finds YOU. The old boat license plate found when we were digging in the yard. Of course it deserves an inside home!


Train museum in York England is where I bought my favorite poster. It hangs proudly at the cabin where “East Coast Frolics” happen regularly.

I’m sure I’ll share more of my cabin decor, for such a small place I quickly managed to fill it with stuff other people might have said was “hoarding”.  I think of my collection in terms of another TV show “American Pickers”!  What to one person is “hoarding” is to another “I know I’m going to find just the use for this priceless treasure one day!” Trust me, there is more to share.None of it is a”harmony of color and style”.

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3 replies

  1. Maybe not a harmony of colour and style but you’ve at least got a cool jackalope. The house itself looks warm and lived in and I’d prefer that any day over style.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. I think you should do a blog on your rabbit statuary. And which is the most agile?

  3. I will John! We have a lot of rabbits!

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