How People Find our Blog Part 2: Naked Selfies

A few weeks ago, Kitty wrote a blog post “Naked Selfies, Normal or Not?” about a friend of her husband’s who had recently re-entered the dating scene after many years of marriage, and who was nonplussed about receiving unsolicited graphic self-photos from women he had just met.  If you haven’t read it, I urge you to do so.  I’ll wait here.

Hey, we’re on the top page!

When we publish a post, we add tags which we think might help people find articles we post. Many of these are suggested by the blog software, while we add some of the others. (As I compose this, the suggested tags include “dating, Twitter, Facebook, relationships, United States, James Franco.” None of those words were used in the first paragraph, prior to them appearing in the tag suggestions. I had to look up James Franco.

The blog software also allows us to see, albeit in a limited way, what search terms people have used when they end up at our site. Noticing that Kitty’s post continued to get dozens of page views daily, even weeks after the initial post, I started watching the statistics. While it’s not our most popular post (other than ones that have been Freshly Pressed, my two-year-old post about Pecos Texas continues to get a dozen or so views every day, and generated a lot of hate mail), I think it’s going to have staying power. Here’s a few of this week’s search results:

I’m glad to see my article on Moleskines is helpful





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8 replies

  1. Moleskine brings all the boys to the yard

  2. I wonder if we should tag something “not normal girls naked”?

  3. also, we do need to go to Pecos undercover sometime for update article.

  4. well naked is such a hot word.

  5. You know the joke. Naked means you have no clothes. nekkid means you have no clothes on and you’re up to something.

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