What the Heck is THAT? My daily brain game…

So, what is your guess? What are these objects? If you aren’t playing the “What is it?” Game at college of Curiosity you are missing out….

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Yankee Skeptic

What are these?  What are these?

Jeff Wagg runs the College of Curiosity.  It’s not a college with actual real estate, if anything the college courses take place in your mind.  His site is where any student can be educated on all that is strange and different in our universe.  Jeff’s podcast is a delightful listen, where you can gain information to impress your friends and relatives ;such as WHY there are so many pineapples on Colonial buildings.

The site will also keep you updated on where Jeff and his wonderful wife Jenn might be showing off their travelling cabinet of curiosities.  In other words, a table of cool stuff to look at and play with.

Jeff also runs cruises for the curious.  It certainly isn’t your grandparents cruise.  You may come back with a tan, but you’ll also come back with a much more informed brain.

I have to admit my…

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