The grossest thing I eat (and enjoy)

We all have that one dish that makes others wonder just WHY we would put THAT in our mouth.

I have a wonderful American friend of Japanese lineage, that is very careful who sits next to her when she eats at a favorite Japanese restaurant. She orders things not made for just anyone, and the smell and look of some of her favorite dishes have caused many a self proclaimed adventurous eater to run away.


Spray on PAM is a healthful cooking method my family would not have used. Iron cast skillet gives the best taste.

My favorite is Scrapple, and especially Rapa Brand Scrapple. I grew up eating it, usually instead of bacon. I enjoy mine rather thinly cut and well browned. People often have asked me “Just what is scapple?” I assume it is “poor people’s food”, what you do with the rest of the pig after every other use has been made of it.

There are funny part and bits, it truly isn’t good to look too closely and try to identify them. A combination of bacon and sausage and that could be part of an eyeball, who knows?


Only a pig farmer knows for sure what all those little bits are.

It’s a rare treat, since it is not sold where I live now. I only eat it when visiting my family back home in Maryland, and that is probably a very good thing for my health.

Sometimes it’s important not in inquire into what something is, it’s important just to enjoy.


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