2013 in review – Two Different Girls and Friends

I still need to write about this monstrosity!

I still need to write about this monstrosity!

Two Different Girls was started by myself and Kitty, as a place to write about what ever we want – a sort of Seinfeld of blogs, about nothing. Kitty, myself, indeed all of our friends that sometimes contribute, met and became friends through forums, conferences, and trips revolving around critical thinking and skepticism. We are close friends. We’ve been to each others homes, gone to each others weddings, cried over sorrows and cheered triumphs. We’ve traveled together, as you have seen. We occasionally (and for one us, almost daily) contributed articles to various newsletters and blogs on skepticism and science and critical thinking skills.

Sometimes, though, it was tiring. For reasons that wouldn’t be interesting to most of our regular readers, and are old conversations to our friends, we wanted someplace to talk about stuff that interests us, and our only rule was: no controversy.  Not that we don’t enjoy good debate, and welcome people to disagree and criticize our opinions, but we didn’t want the kind of place where, after reading four pages of increasing vitriolic comments with increasingly poor grammar, your head explodes. We didn’t want the blog to be a chore, something that felt like a job, or a place where we worried (or even cared) about how many pages views we got.

Grab a cold drink, and come along with us

Grab a cold drink, and come along with us

So, Dear Reader, here you have it. A low-flow blog. We hope you find things you enjoy. We know that sometimes you will look at the title, and pass. That’s okay. Sometimes you might find something you like. The link at the bottom shows are stats for the year. Above that, I’ve put links to the stories with the most links, where perhaps you’ll find something that you missed before. Enjoy, and Happy New Year.

Book Lovers, Anyone?  (Featured on Freshly Pressed)

Wings ‘N Things: A Passenger’s View of General Aviation (Featured on Freshly Pressed)

Crappy Places to be From: Pecos, Texas

The Lost Art of Wearing Hats

Poker History and Casino Chips: My Story

Travis and I See a Chupacabra

How to Say “No” to a Rapist (1970s mis-education)

French Flirts Vs. US Flirts (Guess Who Says “Meow”?)

Living and Travel in Papua New Guinea

And one of the lowest rated posts  🙂

Elvis and his Tacos

Click here to see the complete report for 2013.

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4 replies

  1. Happy New Year right back at you.x
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  2. I have seen Elvis and his taco. I like it.

  3. Whenever a notification arrives in my inbox to say “Two Different Girls” have posted I rush to open it. Kitty and Geek Godess are two of my favourite people and I have the pleasure of calling them my friends not just on the internet but in real life, despite living on different continents!

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