I Can’t Draw a Picture But I Can Make a Quilt – Friday Flicks

This picture is from sometime around 1995. I made this quilt and took it to my friend’s house, where she took a snapshot, which I later scanned, and then lost through a series of computer crashes. (Note: digital pictures aren’t forever) However, another person saved my scan and uploaded it to her website in 1997.  That post is still out there, so I downloaded it recently. It’s not a very sharp picture, is it?

This isn’t my design, it’s by Karen Stone, but I selected the over 400 fabrics used and spent about eight months piecing and hand quilting. I won a Best of Show in a regional fair. My husband created a lovely display holder, and it hung as my “headboard” for many years.


Things change: at the time I had school-aged boys, was married and lived in Colorado. My friend has remodeled and decorated her house, so I almost didn’t recognize the background. I had dark brown hair.

Now, my sons are grown, I’m single and living in a place with more trees than my Colorado home. A Golden Retriever puppy thoughtfully chewed a hole the size of a football, right in the middle. I still have dark brown hair, thanks to the wonders of modern chemistry and the petrochemical industrial complex, for which I work.

I cannot, however, figure out where that creaseless face went.

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4 replies

  1. there is some strange ghost woman that lives in my mirror…no clue who that old lady is.

  2. also so glad you found the photograph. What a beautiful quilt.

  3. The photo may not be sharp but the quilt and it’s maker are really sharp.


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