What’s a Grit?

What’s wrong with dried corn, ground up and cooked?

A Southern writer, Lewis Grizzard, once opined that the best way to send Northerners away was to feed them instant, unbuttered, unsalted grits. I’m not a True Southerner™ since Texas is sort of not-quite-South, not-quite-West, but I’ve eaten a share of grits even though I did not grow up with them as part of my family tradition.

Instant grits taste…instant. I prefer salt, butter, and lots of black pepper. Gourmet grits may have cream, or you might find cheese grits on a menu. Jeff Wagg had a great experience trying grits in the South, which you can read about here (and please, do).

But for some non-instant but quick grits, which already have BACON AND CHEESE, how can you miss with this?

TRUE GRIT! And made in Texas, y'all.

TRUE GRIT! And made in Texas, y’all.

I trying some of these fully loaded grits, and can attest they are great. And they have a lot fewer calories than ice cream! I’m just sorry you guys can’t get them, because they seem to a local product.

Sorry, dudes.


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  1. I’ve eaten Grits and Hominy (2of my favorites) for a lot of years. My favorite way for Grits is to add a small amount of butter, sugar and a dab of milk. Ate that for breakfast before leaving for my job years ago. But I like them with salt/pepper too & always pick Grits if on the menu. Hominy is really a good vegetable! One of my favorites…yellow or white.


  1. Grits Are Glorious | Pinching Pennies Hard Enough To Make Lincoln Cry

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