Another Afternoon in Pula, Croatia

Park Plaza Hotel across the water. This was the view from the sobe we stayed at on Night #2 in Pula

Pula, located at the southern tip of the Istria peninsula of Croatia, is a small seaside town with centuries of history, which I mentioned here. In addition to visiting the Roman ruins, we also spent a bit of time wandering the markets, trying out truffle oils and the flavored brandies and slivovitz at little boutiques, farmer’s markets, and tourist shops. For the record, I thought the brandy was nasty, but Elaine liked it.

Water fountain forming map of Pula. You can see the Roman amphitheater in the center left

The first night in Pula, we stayed at the Park Plaza Histria, which is rated on Trip Advisor as the number one hotel in the town. Courtesy of many business trips and my account, we stayed here for free. We got to enjoy our balcony overlooking the water that night, harbor lights, reasonable drinks in the bar, and the breakfast, included with the room, of fresh fruits, breads, juices, and chauceterie. For the second night, Elaine found a quiet sobe on a side street, on the opposite side of the cove, run by a middle-aged woman and her mother, a grandmotherly type who chatted away happily in Italian. It cost us €30 for the evening.

The waiter invited us to approve our fresh catch-of-the-day

Sobes are guest house rooms, very popular in Croatia, that can be rented in cities, small towns, and the countryside. This night, we had a single room with the bathroom down the hall, but as Elaine and I were the only guests, this wasn’t an issue. We had a balcony, as well, and a fantastic seafood restaurant less than a block away. When we weren’t partaking of the earned credits from, we stayed in a variety of sobes.

The town market is quiet on Sundays

In addition to ruins and truffles, we spent time wandering up and down the streets of the little town, with frequent stops for coffee, wine, or snacks, as the mood took us. And lots of bottles of honey, truffle and olive oils to carry home! Enjoy the view.

Elaine enjoying our cafe lunch after a long day of walking

James Joyce called this town home, while he wrote Ulysses.

The bay is visible from many parts of town

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  1. Looks wonderful, Naomi. I love idea of those sobes – they sound like tremendous fun!

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