Fly the Calm Skies of Canada, in any language!

My brother and his family live in Canada.  I truly enjoy visiting them in Ottawa, one of my favorite cities.  Ottawa seems to suffer from a reputation as “hicksville” compared to Toronto and Montreal, but to me Ottawa is the “just right” size city.

My Canadian family speaks English, and also my niece and nephew learned French in school.  They also speak Mandarin, as my sister in law is of Asian heritage. Canada is  multicultural, with immigrants from many nations bringing their language when they immigrated.

I have a good friend that works in a remote area of Canada.  Chris, like many in the more remote areas, depends on airplanes to get around.  My good friend Naomi asked for one of the “translation cards” from an airlines he uses.  Chris was nice enough to get me one of these translation guides also.

This language was not brought to Canada recently by immigrants. The language on the card has been spoken in Canada far longer than French or English has been.  I enjoyed trying to pronounce some of the words, and look forward to sharing this with others.  I know  children will especially enjoy it, and I plan to be sure to have access to a map so I can show children “This is where the people that speak this language live, and fly!”

I also like the name of the airline “Calm Air“.  It’s sort of “Don’t worry, we get ice and snow and crazy winds, but just remain calm, we’ll be fine!”


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  1. You know that’s actually what I do say when I’m feeling nauseous.

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