Angora Rabbit Spinning, Wool Arts Tour, part 2

This year my friend Natalie and I enjoyed seeing two different angora rabbit spinners during the Wool Arts Tour in New Hampshire.


Angora bunny, ready for your soft yarn needs.

Last year I featured video from one demonstrator, and I am glad to have more video and photographs to share from this year.  If you haven’t spun angora wool, or knitted with angora rabbit fur, you are missing out.  It is so luxurious and comfortingly soft it’s well worth any little extra cost.


Beautiful Fall day for spinning demonstration

Bunny spinning demonstration in Antrim NH.


He will be a lot less fuzzy soon.

Time to lose some wool.


Not a tribble, a bunny

Close up, too much wool!!!


Angora bunnies of all ages

All sorts of angora bunnies, ready for you to knit with their wool.


Cute and soft, and a source of wool…perhaps the perfect animal.

Hello Bunny!


On a lighter note the woman spinner asked how she could find this blog, which I mentioned I was writing about her.  I told her “well you google ‘twodifferentgirls’, and then you will probably get a porn site.  Then put in ‘angora’, and if a wordpress site pops up it’s probably us, or porn.”

….and some videos….

…and again…

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