World’s Worst Music Video

Kitty has a gift (that’s the word I’ll use, gift) for finding really awful music videos. Most of them come from Eurovision, although to be honest, that’s how ABBA got its start.

I think this was a beginner’s aerobic class, where someone showed up with his big sister’s VHS recorder. Be thankful that you don’t have this on record.

Just for reference, this is the way it should have been done 40 years ago:

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  1. I can’t think, I’m just laughing too hard!

  2. this one is almost as good, or bad? It’s HORRIFICALLY non PC. I mean I think Native Americans have suffered much, but this video has to rate up there with the top crimes against them.

  3. also great song, but the granny panties peek? I guess this passed for porn….

  4. Just when I was lulled into thinking, actually its quite a catchy tune, the ‘dance troupe’ (can we even call them that?) burst through at the 1.20 minute mark again and cant help but draw attention to themselves……….even 40 years ago this must have looked ludicrous…..and that just the matching sweaters and slacks. Sensational stuff to start the weekend with, thanks for posting, this is the sort of stuff that makes Youtube and my hours on WordPress priceless šŸ™‚

  5. Merciful Unicorn! That was… words fail.

    I have been in high school musicals that were better than that. Thank you, I may never hear the word “tender” again without snickering.

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