Results are In! My Vacation this Week

English: Parliament of the Bahamas, located in...

English: Parliament of the Bahamas, located in downtown Nassau, is the meeting place of the two houses of the Bahamian Parliament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went on  a little vacation this past. It was a full week, but I call it little only because I didn’t go to a new place or see a lot of things I’ve never seen before. But I had a great time, because I got to spend it with a lot of friends! As usual, Jeff Wagg put together a great trip through his College of Curiosity Fields Trips (formerly known as Skeptours, see our Links on right side of page).

(Later this week – about a historic library building in Nassau)
In Summary:

Trip: Five day cruise to Bahamas followed by two days of Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios.

Tourist bait

Places I saw that I have never been before:  0.5 (I’ve been to the Bahamas, I had not been to Nassau)

Things I ate that I’ve never had before: Grouper fingers (battered/fried strips of grouper); Bahamas Bean Soup; a coconut water and gin with lime drink.

Number of calls and emails about work crisis that I needed to deal with: About a dozen, all related to same crisis.

Number of hours spent being pretty upset about items related to above work crisis, even after it was dealt with: About a dozen.

Things I packed I didn’t wear or use: Swimsuit; my Kindle (I had another book, and we were so busy!); one skirt and one tank top; my Macbook; and a notebook I took for writing by hand, if I got the urge.  I could have taken one pair pants and two less shirts, and been good. *makes note for next time*

Things I came home with that I didn’t start out with: Two coffee cups from Starbucks – the Bahamas and Florida. One photo Kitty bought for me from the cheesy cruise ship photos. Dead camera battery.

Kitty surprised me with this photo 😛

Things I bought and didn’t come home with:  A Starbucks City Mug from Orlando, which is apparently sitting near Gate B-35.

Things I didn’t want, and didn’t get: A sunburn, blisters, norovirus, cuts, bruises, lost equipment, grudges, regrets.

Things I wanted, and did get: New memories with some great people, a little sea-side ceremony for two friends that were on our first cruise to the Bahamas Triangle in 2006, who have since passed away. Riding with justpaperskater on roller coasters and other thrill rides. She’s a screamer.  🙂

Things waiting for me when I got home: Two very excited dogs. A huge pile of mail, with all but two pieces going straight to the recycle bin. My Nexxus card and my PE registration renewal card.

And no laundry fairy in sight.





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  1. I’m curious about the laundry fairy. I’ve heard about different varieties of fairies, classified by vocation or location. As an example of the former, my favorite is the accordion fairy from Les Triplettes de Belleville, and for the latter, the fairies of Cottingley. Does the laundry create the laundry, or maybe take the laundry and leave shiny coins in its place. Or maybe wash and iron, like the Heinzelmännchen?

  2. I’m surprised that I didn’t make GG deaf during those rides, LOL! AAAAAAAAAAA!!! AAAAA!! AAAAAAAAA!


  1. Nassau in the Morning -Libraries and Prisons | Two Different Girls

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