Cat’s strokes lead to fear of human stroke!

My cat Moxie likes my computer.  It’s her personal butt warmer.  In winter, if I put the laptop down for even a moment, she’s resting happily on top of it.

This can lead to problems.

First off I have to take the keyboard and shake out the cat fur every now and again.

Second, she sometimes has something to share via the internet, only she is never clear about letting people know “This is Moxie the cat.”


Dingo knows this is WRONG, Moxie (who is a very petite cat) just doesn’t care.

Once I was on my favorite chat room, and the dryer buzzed.  I put the laptop down to fold the clothes quickly.  I figured I’d be gone a few minutes a the most.

As I am folding clothing, my husband gets a phone call.  The entire chat room decided I must have had a stroke, as I was posting things like “21lggels wheis 666666”

(Moxie for some reason likes to post 666 a LOT, it really makes me nervous about her real motives for living with us)

My husband found me folding clothing and was able to assure the person picked by the chat room to call and check on me, that I was fine.


Moxie tends to get into trouble a lot. Well trouble for us, she’s fine.

Since then she has done this again, and I come back to chat to find “Oh hi Moxie!”

The problem if I ever really do have a stroke and am desperate to let chat know, I’m just going to see “Hi Moxie!”.

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  1. I was in that chat room that night! It was a little scary. However, I think we need to decode Moxie’s messages. They might be important. Especially to the NSA.

  2. So if you DO have a stroke, be sure to pull Moxie’s tail so she can be your LifeAlert alarm…


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