More Random Snacks in Venice

In an effort to not spend €30-plus Euros on one of the various methods of water transport, we’ve walked a a couple miles through winding streets, some delightfully empty, others crowded Disney-like. Taking empty side streets lets you see more of the architecture and find out of the way places.

Cafes on the Grand Canal are crowded, expensive, and probably lower quality, and frequently have different, higher priced menus for tourists (it says right on the door, not a secret).

Looking for a cup of coffee, we walked up small wooden steps and discovered this garden spot. Since we weren’t ordering a meal, we were ushered off the small balcony to the back, which was quiet, cool, Nd blessedly green after a day of brick and plaster walls. Food here is expensive, but a sample of cheese at €4 and a couple of cold adult beverages was just the right amount of fuel for our next leg.


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