Luna Moth!!

That’s one big moth, resting during the day.

The small cabin I live in on the shores of Lake Franklin Pierce shares the space it occupies with nature. Nature doesn’t seem to mind the small bit of wood and roof that sits in the middle of a heavily wooded lot near the water. Squirrels scamper across the deck looking for crumbs from dinner or lunch. Birds nest and bring up families under the deck or the eaves of the roof. Chipmunks, squirrels and aggressive blue jays expect part of whatever you are eating at any time. Deer will stop by to graze on a bush, and bears have been known to stand in the road to the cabin giving you a “Seriously, don’t even think about beeping” look. We are the strangers here, but nature tolerates us.

My first year at the cabin I was sitting in the only room (it’s a small cabin) and looked up to see what appeared to be a bat attacking the screen. Closer inspection showed it was not a bat but a BIG moth. “Mothera” was later identified as a Luna moth. Luna moths seem to be rare, and have a short life span, so I felt honored by the visit.

This year was a record year for the Luna moth “invasion”. “Mothera” and “Mr. Mothera” appeared at the screen door. They spent the entire day there. Nighttime had “Mothera’s cousin” and “Mothera’s other cousin” dancing at the bedroom window, and they also decided to stay there for the daylight hours. I hope this is good news for the Luna moth population. The most I have ever seen in previous years has been two.
‘Hey, lemme in, that light you have is sexy!’

If you ever get a chance to see a Luna moth, it’s very interesting. I have bats living here that are smaller. Or rather, there are bats that let me live here that are smaller.

…just chilling on the window…

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  1. The video is a Luna, but the stills are of a Polyphemus (I think):
    I love the big moths. When I worked at a summer camp at Center Barnstead, NH, I’d shine a light in my mosquito net to attract the moths and then sleep with them in the net with me. They were like flying teddy bears.

  2. oh wow! I really can’t tell, as they wouldn’t open their wings enough for me to see the other side. Whatever, they were quite large! I have to admit to a fondess for the Butterfly place in Mass near Yankee Candle. You would see a butterfly with their wings closed and think “ho hum”. Then when the wings would OPEN you would go “WOW!” It’s cheesy, but just having butterflies all around you and landing on you, makes it worth a visit. (Our local library has 2 free passes you can check out to the Butterfly place. It also has free passes to most museums in the NH/Boston area.)

  3. I heartily agree re. the Butterfly Place in MA. I’ve been there, and it’s terrific!

    • we live in minneapolis downtown. third floor flat.the building is brown brick. so this huge really huge brown lunar moth was and still there on the wall. i am wondering what do they eat?? this one has been on the wall for over 24 hrs.

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